Highland Music Boosters Constitution

Article 1: Name

1.      This organization shall be known as the Highland Music Boosters (HMB). This organization will include the Highland High School, Highland Middle School, Highland Elementary School and any other school(s) subsequently built within the Highland School District.

Article II: Purpose

1.      To provide support for the extra-curricular activities of the Highland Central School District K-12 Music Department, with the following objectives:

a.       To involve the community in supporting the music program.
b.       To supplement school board support of music activities.
c.        To provide financial support for enrichment activities.
d.        To encourage students to participate in the activities the HMB supports.
e.        To encourage music program exposure.
f.         To support and promote stability and growth in our current music programs.

2.      To provide financial assistance and services for the music department.

3.      To promote and encourage student cultural improvement through appreciation of fine music.

4.      To promote student leadership and responsibility.

5.      To stimulate student and community interest in appreciation of the school music programs.

6.      To cooperate with those in charge of the music program and the school board to the end that the music program maintain its goal towards excellence in education.

7.      To bring into closer relationship the home and school, so that parents and the music department may cooperate effectively inall phases of the school’s music program.

8.      To actively support all performances of the music program.

9.      To lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to the general, instrumental, and vocal music programs in the schools.

10.    To serve as a means of communication to keep members informed as to the activities and projects of the department.

11.    To provide the students those things over and above that which are provided by the school board, such as:

a.      Enrichment activities throughout the year
b.      Refreshments
c.       Additional opportunities to recognize student achievement, in keeping with school policy and approved by the executive
          board and music directors
d.      Funds for any projects, activities, or trips that might be proposed and approved

12.    To make plans and carry out fundraising for support of activities and/or projects.

13.    To assume the responsibility for publicity covering any activity or project sponsored by the organization.

14.    To work with and assist music director(s).